Tuning into the songs of the birds outside my bedroom window, I notice. The windows have been open for days as the stagnant energy from the prisoned days of this past pandemic winter drift away. I notice us all. I notice how we’ve come to be, how we’ve adapted whether […]

Haven't Chosen Your Word of the Year for 2017? Help is Here


It’s a bold, stunning word that gives me powerful shivers down to my bones. Spoiler alert: It’s also my all-encompassing word for 2017.

I'm Not Christian. Am I Still Allowed to Celebrate Christmas?

Hong Kong during Christmas is my childhood holidays, encompassed. The whole city is lit up with lights, and not once did I feel as the odd Hindu out. There I was, celebrating Christmas with so much vigour and love. It felt right and perfect, and it’s all I’ve ever known. (To this day, I miss hearing what big plans my Aunt had for us. I owe a huge part of my fun-filled holiday memory bank to her.)

Is Intention Setting Overrated?

I know exactly what you’re thinking: Intention setting is overrated. (I know because I’ve been there.) Honestly, I thought that way for a long time, brushing it all off as being too woo-woo and dismissing it with a wave of my hand that meant, “This is just the new trend that everyone’s jumping on right now.” Obviously, I’m a huge part of the spiritual and wellness movement, but let’s get real—if I have to hear about the Law of Attraction and manifestation one more time, it may just push me over the edge, you guys.

Betrayal Might Be The Key To Your Best Self. Here's Why.

To be totally blunt, I’ve been sucked into a vortex of emotional toxicity. As it started to completely consume me, I became anxious, insecure, scattered, and doubtful. Worst of all, I found myself steering away from the positive world I’ve worked so hard to create for myself, and was tempted by the unhealthy excitement that comes with superficial and frivolous relationships.

How Weddings Helped Me Feel Whole Again

Standing there in the middle of the dance floor, I wondered what went wrong. Here we are, at yet another wedding, I thought to myself. I wished I’d never forced him to come with me, and I vowed then and there that this was NOT happening again. Eventually, he stormed off, leaving me alone in the throes of festive, happy people.

The Top 5 Business & Life Lessons Camp Good Life Has Left With Me

Camp Good Life Project this past weekend is best described in one simple word: magnetic. Pull and positive attractions were everywhere, radiating through each and every camper, helping us feel like we can conquer the world. Just as an example, standing up on the stage during the talent show, the […]


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