Tuning into the songs of the birds outside my bedroom window, I notice. The windows have been open for days as the stagnant energy from the prisoned days of this past pandemic winter drift away. I notice us all. I notice how we’ve come to be, how we’ve adapted whether […]

Why Nurturing Your Creativity Is So Important

How do you nurture the creative force within yourself?

This is a question I have been asking myself lately. I often catch myself admiring the creative juices in others and the expressions of creativity they bring to life. Then, I think to myself, Why not me?

Simplify Your Life by Stripping Out The Self Doubt

My inner critic can go suck an egg. I think as humans—and women in particular—we downplay our work, settle for less than we deserve, and forget how important we are. What caused all this thinking? A phone call last week. A past coaching client rang me up to let me know how much she values the work we did together, and how the tools she learned through coaching have lead her to a grounded life full of reflection, even when things are challenging.

What To Do When It's Time To End a Friendship

I have accumulated many friends over my lifetime, and only a handful have become ones with whom I share my deepest and most intimate secrets.

Many of the others are people who bring something different into my life through their own unique gifts. Some stay and some don’t.

Time for Bigger Dreams

At this time of the year, I always reflect on the past 12 months and look for nuggets or takeaways to help me with my personal growth. This year has been a big one for me, and many major shifts have occurred. For one, I finally had a breakthrough in […]


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