Tuning into the songs of the birds outside my bedroom window, I notice. The windows have been open for days as the stagnant energy from the prisoned days of this past pandemic winter drift away. I notice us all. I notice how we’ve come to be, how we’ve adapted whether […]

How Finding Calm in the Chaos Can Save a Family Vacation

Having just returned from a weeklong holiday in Mexico with my 15-member family, I am reminded of how important it is to find sanctuary in the midst of excitement.

A week before the trip, I was feeling anxious about how I was going to orchestrate my children’s activities and fulfill their different wants and needs amongst a group of 15 adults and children, while still fitting in some quiet time of my own. It seemed like a tall order, yet without these elements, I could foresee chaos and stress. Not exactly a holiday.

My Boys Don't Wear Jeans and That's OK

Imagine this: Meditative Mornings. Behaving Boys. Clean Cars. Hassle-free Homework. Completed Chores. Marvelous Mealtimes. Bubbly Baths. Smooth Sailing. And a Great Goodnight.


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