Determined to make this New Year’s Eve a happy one, I took my time planning the day weeks in advance.  Damned if I’d let this pandemic ruin my vibes even though we were in our second lockdown of the year and this time, right smack in the middle of festive […]

Are You an Exhausted Introvert? Help Is Here!

Sometimes “me time” is a real pain in the ass. While I’m the queen of self care and routinely carve out daily time with myself without fail (and we’re talking hours of time), I can honestly say that there are many times when I’d rather shut myself in for days on end and just read, sleep, drink tea, journal, and meditate. I could have that cycle on repeat while cuddled in my bed, all without a single soul in site. And I’d love every second.

I've Just Had the Best Date of My Life (Details Included)

When it comes to feeling beautiful, I was going for broke. Standing in front of my closet—which never has a shortage of clothes—I tuned into my mood and energy. Did I want skin-tight, or bohemian and flowy? Something short? Or maybe those new camel suede tights? Decisions.

Are You A Self-Help Junkie? Read This.

I’m totally addicted to self-development, which is both a strength and a weakness. I tend to overdose on all things self-help, love, and relationships, burying myself in e-courses, books, podcasts, and workshops. I always feel like the next thing I read/watch/listen to will be THE THING that changes everything.

What Feminine Energy Prototypes Can Tell You About Your Inner Power

If there is to be a future, it will wear a crown of feminine design.

-Aurbindo Ghose

Simplify Your Life by Stripping Out The Self Doubt

My inner critic can go suck an egg. I think as humans—and women in particular—we downplay our work, settle for less than we deserve, and forget how important we are. What caused all this thinking? A phone call last week. A past coaching client rang me up to let me know how much she values the work we did together, and how the tools she learned through coaching have lead her to a grounded life full of reflection, even when things are challenging.


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