3 Ways To Renew Your Word of the Year

Apr 04, 2021

Tuning into the songs of the birds outside my bedroom window, I notice. The windows have been open for days as the stagnant energy from the prisoned days of this past pandemic winter drift away. I notice us all. I notice how we’ve come to be, how we’ve adapted whether we’ve wanted to or not, and just how much we’ve all shifted.

For those of us who’ve had something to hold onto during this time, perhaps this thing has helped you escape, dulled down the pain, or dare I say, resulted in retreat?  Battling with some guilt here, I consider myself lucky when I think about what’s given me solace during this time of isolation but it hasn’t come without devotion.

It’s been years of cultivating a self care practice and a way of living and being that’s getting me through this time, almost as if I’ve been preparing my whole life for this exact moment in history.  The rituals and practices that are already in place for my health-physical and mental-have created a safe haven for retreating and thriving.  

They can be yours too. 

Until now, calling in a word of the year has been a practice that I’ve had a lot of fun with and one where I draw much of my inspiration from but what I’ve come to really appreciate is the depth with which this practice gives back.  Having a word of the year has provided me with anchoring and grounding energy to keep returning to myself, to the deep wisdom within when the world outside is as chaotic as it’s ever been.

It comes as no surprise that my word for 2021 is Tend.

Tend as the antidote to disruption.

I know that I’ve been holding onto my word for dear life since January because for the first time I’ve intentionally called in a word to be more than it’s ever been.  To step into a big role.  To fill in some big shoes.  To meet some very high expectations. To hold me up.

So far, tend has given me permission to take the whole winter “off” and to fall in love with this season.  I have to say, my winter was restful and meaningful.  I cooked the most I ever have and it felt deeply healing.  I nourished the elders.  I satiated young.  For myself, food was medicine as I treated my body with kindness while intentionally preparing meals that would strengthen my immune system.

Let’s circle back to you.

How can you strengthen the bond with your word  of the year as you step into the vitality of Spring with renewed energy?

Here are some ideas to get you into the mood of Spring….

  • Plant a seed and dedicate it to your word-watch it grow
  • Go for a walk with a notebook and smell the earth.  Jot down everything that reminds you of your word as you take in nature.
  • Write a haiku with your word in it

In the lightness of the sun and the warmth of her rays, allow yourself the gift of space to revisit your intentions with your word and pay attention to what is beckoning-close your eyes, take a breath, let it out and ask yourself:

Where is my word in this moment? What does it need to blossom? 

Harness the power of a single word to live a meaningful life.

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