6 Surefire Ways to Ignite a Little Self Love This V-Day

6 Surefire Ways to Ignite a Little Self Love This V-Day

Feb 14, 2017

I, Dimple Mukherjee, am a Valentine’s Day grinch. I’m one of those people who think it’s just another Hallmark holiday that’s overhyped—and frankly, I’m over all that hype. That said, I do believe in love. A lot.

So in honour of Love Month (which should totally be joyously celebrated all year round), I’m sharing the top 6 insights I’ve gathered for my fellow single ladies out there. They’re all about being open to romantic love when it shows up in your path so you’re ready to receive it the second it manifests.

Bonus: No hot date required—except the one with yourself. Wink. 

1. Rev up your self love.

Obviously, I’ve spent roughly 5,000 years learning and talking about self love, so I’m going to spare you the impassioned speech for now. But know that loving yourself is hands down the best prep work you can do to magnetize your life for real, healthy relationships. Want to learn more about self love? Take a few minutes to read this:

2. Cozy up with a book.

Lately, I’ve been reading Attached, and I’ve gotta say that it makes a whole lot of sense. It’s definitely worth the time investment of giving it a read. Self awareness is the first step towards getting rid of what doesn’t work and replacing it with what does. (And once you read it, you can thank me later.)

3. Write a letter.

Before you call me cheesy, I want you to have an open mind. Ready? Write a letter to the universe. (I’m telling you it works, but you have to believe in it.) When you’re ready to start, get comfy, pull out your journal, start a page with “Dear Universe,” and just start asking. I know asking can be a struggle for some of us women, but this is your chance and your space to be brutally honest about what you want. Don’t hold back. After all, you deserve the absolute best.  And sign it off with a whole lot of love, Me.

4. Set aside a little time to…get to know yourself better.

Bottom line? I’m all for pleasuring yourself, and in fact, it’s incredibly healthy. (Like you need any more of an excuse than that.) If you live in Toronto, it’s worth making the trip to Harbord Street and checking out Good for Her, otherwise their online shop also has a great selection. I was a total late bloomer when it came to sex, so trust me when I tell you not to feel embarrassed about setting aside some time to research all the goodies. And their workshops? I won’t go into too many details. But let’s just say I’m better for ‘em. 😉

5. Get together for a girl’s night in.

Have you seen the (aptly-named) movie, Valentine’s Day? For obvious reasons, it’s a complete classic for V-Day and has a little something for everyone in it. There’s a scene towards the end where Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner are celebrating at an Indian restaurant, and Garner finds the proper use for a baseball bat. (That’s all I’m giving away!) Love, laughter, and your ladies make up the ultimate V-day trifecta.

6. Splurge on a solo date.

Can I puhhhllleeeease challenge you to a solo date? My experience with solo dates have positively changed my life forever (I’m not exaggerating), and you can see what I mean by checking out my blog post about it here: Sure, it might be nerve-wracking and scary at first, but I pinky promise you won’t regret it. In fact, once you’ve taken the plunge, the tingling feeling of liberation that comes along with it is pretty dang addictive.

Bonus: I wholeheartedly believe you’ll attract your perfect partner by routinely nudging yourself outside your comfort zone.

It’s time you actually believe you deserve to receive every single ounce of love that you so readily give away to others.

(And that starts by choosing one of the steps above! ❤)

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.  Make it one to remember & write about.

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