Haven't Chosen Your Word of the Year for 2017? Help is Here

Haven’t Chosen Your Word of the Year for 2017? Help is Here

Jan 16, 2016


It’s a bold, stunning word that gives me powerful shivers down to my bones. Spoiler alert: It’s also my all-encompassing word for 2017.

When I first sat down to brainstorm a theme, AMPLIFY floated to the forefront of my mind. After sitting with it for a few weeks, it just didn’t feel strong enough. Brave enough. Raw enough. I’ve had enough with softer, gentler words. While they may have served me well in the past, I’m ready for a change.

AUDACITY came to me like an electric little bolt of lightning. I didn’t read it on a sign. I didn’t hear it on the radio. I didn’t see it on social media. Rather, the word was more a feeling. It felt so right, and after receiving love in all its glory last year, I was ready to embrace the bolder side of myself that’s been waiting dormant for the chance to shine. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the revolutionary within, but for the most part, playing small has kind of been my thing. Every stage of life requires a change, and if that change feels scary and challenging, even better. (For the record, this is me feeling challenged and scared.)

Even though I found the perfect fit for me, it’s not always so easy to come up with your yearly word—the one you’re counting on to lead and guide you through 52 weeks. It’s pretty damn special when you think about it. I’ve had some practice in this area (obviously) and it’s become second nature for me now. But that first time? Sheesh. That took some work.

Just in case you haven’t landed on your oh-my-gosh-this-is-wildly-perfect word for 2017, here are 6 (simple & fun) ways to tackle it.

  1. Have a party! (Like you need an excuse). Gather your closest friends, break open that wine (or green juice—whichever wets your whistle) and get to it. This is genuinely one of the best ways to cultivate some inspiration. Have conversations. Throw out your feelings. Share what’s worked for you this past year and what hasn’t. What you do you want more of? Let your friends do the work while you release, laugh and love.
  2. Pay attention to signs. If you’re open to synchronicities and believe that repetitive messages come to you for a reason, then this exploration is perfect for you. Any animal sightings lately? Google the symbolism behind them. Any particular numbers that are constantly appearing in your sight? Look into what they mean. Repetition really has significance.
  3. Meditate on it. This is my go-to for unanswered questions. Before you start your meditation, ask for guidance. If you want to go further and deeper, journal (uncensored) as soon as you complete your meditation. Be curious about what shows up.
  4. Bust out those colours. (You know, the old school way.) Use crayons, markers, sparkles, stickers— whatever strikes your fancy. Many of my friends swear by the colouring books to help them get into a deep state of reflection. Think of it this way: coloring is a guided form of meditation.
  5. Complete Susannah Conway’s Word of the Year exercise. I totally love this woman and she makes it super easy to pick your word. Check it out right here (and it’s completely free)!
  6. Lastly, be open to change. If for some reason the word you’ve chosen doesn’t ring true for you later in the year, change it—plain and simple. Who says you can’t? That’s when we have to remind ourselves not to become a slave to our thoughts. Pivoting is a good thing. A normal thing. A healthy thing.

What’s it going to take for you to get out of your comfort zone this year? That’s really what is all comes down to—pushing our boundaries and ourselves into greatness. How are you going to rock 2017? Please declare your word of the year right here and give it life. I love hearing from you.

Happy New Year! This is about to be our best year yet. xo

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