Juicing, Smoothies or Both?

Juicing, Smoothies or Both?

May 26, 2015

Why any Choice You Make is the Right One!

Is it better to juice or to make a smoothie? (both are green of course!) Should I buy a blender or a juicer?

My private clients and social media friends ask me this question often.

The simple answer is this: Neither option is better than the other. The choice depends on what you like best and what you need most at the time.

In an ideal world, drinking both juices and smoothies would be the perfect balance; however, in reality, many people tend to choose one or the other. Let’s face it. Juicing is messy and time consuming; making smoothies is easier and takes less time.

I believe you’d be best served to include both into your dietary regime, and here’s why: Both choices will have an alkalizing effect on your body, and will help to balance out the pH. The average ideal pH for our blood is 7.365, slightly alkaline. Maintaining your body’s pH at optimal levels is necessary for good health. Stress, caffeine, meat, medication, and environmental toxins can raise the acidic levels in your body.

But remember, whichever option you choose, you must incorporate sufficient amounts of greens for the biggest benefit to your health.

Adding some raw food into your diet is another win-win. Raw foods are nutrient-rich because they have not been altered through the heating and cooking process. When you make green juices and smoothies a part of your diet, you naturally introduce raw foods, which are full of life force and are enzyme rich. Talk about a burst of energy!

For those of us who just don’t enjoy eating our greens (Ahem — I am guilty of that. Chewing salads just doesn’t fulfill me), green smoothies and juices are a great way to compliment your meals. I LOVE a rich, comforting smoothie on a day when I need a quick pick-me-up and a nice full belly. I also love how I don’t feel an ounce of guilt afterward. It’s all good!

Both green juices and smoothies posses cleansing powers and are great when you are doing a detox. Who said a detox has to be painful? In fact, experimenting with smoothie and green juice recipes helps me make this entire detox process pretty fun. I actually look forward to trying out new drinks. In fact, I crave the green goodness (I never thought I would ever say this, but it’s true).

Having said all this, I do admit that there are times in your life when one option is better suited for you than the other. When you are trying to fight a chronic illness, juicing is powerful way to provide your body with instant energy. Your body has to work a little harder to digest the fiber that is contained in smoothies. Green juices are hydrating and light, making them a great choice on a hot summer day.

Smoothies are well received by children and are family friendly. They also make great meal replacements, so long as you ensure you have enough protein, greens, healthy fats and super foods in them. Smoothies are faster to make and therefore great for a busy lifestyle. Plus, it is easier to lure people with smoothies to convert into a greens lover.

If you are new to juicing or smoothies, I encourage you to try my favorite smoothie recipe below. It’s a great way to add energy, nutrients, and more green into your diet.  It’s very simple, a perfect one for newbies and hence the name,


1.5 cups spinach
1 cup coconut water

Blend both.

Add to blender:

Half a cup mango (dieed) (frozen is a good choice)
Half an avocado
2 Tbs hemp hearts

Blend again, pour and enjoy!

Remember, juices extracts the liquids out of the vegetables, whereas smoothies use the whole vegetable and include the vegetables juice and fiber.

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