Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my rustic bouquet, I searched for the flower truck last Sunday morning through the windows of my living room.  I’d already sacrificed days without flowers in my home and was missing their presence.  Once upon a time, flowers rocked every room in my house.  They […]

Do You Believe the Myth of the Ideal Woman?

A girlfriend asked me to share some of my insights on womanhood and the various roles women assume these days.

Why Nurturing Your Creativity Is So Important

How do you nurture the creative force within yourself?

This is a question I have been asking myself lately. I often catch myself admiring the creative juices in others and the expressions of creativity they bring to life. Then, I think to myself, Why not me?

Detox Cleanses Body & Soul

When I decided to approach my life more holistically, detoxing was the last thing on my mind. Because, let’s face it, I love to eat. And there was no way I’d willingly give up my comforts such as my morning coffee, or a glass of wine. These were my vices to get me going. I honestly believed I couldn’t live without them.

That is, until I tried my first detox.

Simplify Your Life by Stripping Out The Self Doubt

My inner critic can go suck an egg. I think as humans—and women in particular—we downplay our work, settle for less than we deserve, and forget how important we are. What caused all this thinking? A phone call last week. A past coaching client rang me up to let me know how much she values the work we did together, and how the tools she learned through coaching have lead her to a grounded life full of reflection, even when things are challenging.

What To Do When It's Time To End a Friendship

I have accumulated many friends over my lifetime, and only a handful have become ones with whom I share my deepest and most intimate secrets.

Many of the others are people who bring something different into my life through their own unique gifts. Some stay and some don’t.

My Boys Don't Wear Jeans and That's OK

Imagine this: Meditative Mornings. Behaving Boys. Clean Cars. Hassle-free Homework. Completed Chores. Marvelous Mealtimes. Bubbly Baths. Smooth Sailing. And a Great Goodnight.


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