Determined to make this New Year’s Eve a happy one, I took my time planning the day weeks in advance.  Damned if I’d let this pandemic ruin my vibes even though we were in our second lockdown of the year and this time, right smack in the middle of festive […]

Pick Your Day

When was the last time you had a day all to yourself to fill as you please?

Does this sound like a distant dream? It’s doesn’t have to if you schedule it in. (Trust me! Making time for ME days is the best thing since green juice and smoothies!)

How Pushing Through Pain Changed My Life

I want to talk about pain.

Not physical pain. Not the pain you feel when you stub your toe. Not the pain you feel when your finger gets caught in the crack of a closing door. Not even the pain you feel when you are in labour.

Juicing, Smoothies or Both?

Why any Choice You Make is the Right One!

Is it better to juice or to make a smoothie? (both are green of course!) Should I buy a blender or a juicer?

My private clients and social media friends ask me this question often.

The simple answer is this: Neither option is better than the other. The choice depends on what you like best and what you need most at the time.

Do You Believe the Myth of the Ideal Woman?

A girlfriend asked me to share some of my insights on womanhood and the various roles women assume these days.

Why Nurturing Your Creativity Is So Important

How do you nurture the creative force within yourself?

This is a question I have been asking myself lately. I often catch myself admiring the creative juices in others and the expressions of creativity they bring to life. Then, I think to myself, Why not me?

Detox Cleanses Body & Soul

When I decided to approach my life more holistically, detoxing was the last thing on my mind. Because, let’s face it, I love to eat. And there was no way I’d willingly give up my comforts such as my morning coffee, or a glass of wine. These were my vices to get me going. I honestly believed I couldn’t live without them.

That is, until I tried my first detox.


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