The Top 5 Business & Life Lessons Camp Good Life Has Left With Me

The Top 5 Business & Life Lessons Camp Good Life Has Left With Me

Sep 14, 2015

Camp Good Life Project this past weekend is best described in one simple word: magnetic. Pull and positive attractions were everywhere, radiating through each and every camper, helping us feel like we can conquer the world.

Just as an example, standing up on the stage during the talent show, the world felt both intense and magical. The sheer unselfish outpour of love would’ve convinced me to do almost anything that night, because that is the power of tribal support. Needless to say, I was totally blown away by the talent in the group of 40 who, just like me, were nervous as hell to hop up on stage. But we all settled into our essence once the warmth of the audience washed over us. And people transformed. 

The main thing I quickly realized? It’s takes an entire village to raise an entrepreneur.

Having access to a community of like-minded makers and shakers is key to maintaining the flow and rhythm I’d been yearning after for years.  Being able to show up as you are and be automatically accepted isn’t something that’s out of reach. I’ve realized that I’ve been lying to myself this whole time, and now that I’ve discovered a whole new world of wonder, I want you to know that you don’t have to tell yourself the same lies I’ve been telling myself: That you just simply can’t afford to dream, or worse, you’ll be alienated if you do. It’s so far from the truth, because the world is dedicated to the dreamers. 

Here are the pieces of camp that I’m holding onto most dearly as I make my way back to my reality, determined to trek along the path I’ve so intentionally chosen for myself:

1. Plan your route, but be open to serendipity.  This is one of Jonathan Field’s 10 Commandments of Biz. Obviously, it’s important to have a solid plan for life (and work), but don’t ignore signs for spontaneity, or walk away from opportune moments. When you feel a strong sense of calling to turn and explore and adventure, veer off your preset track. It just might be the very best thing you’ve ever done.

2. Your best work requires you to show the heck up.  Charlie Gilkey’s workshop on The 10 Steps to Finishing your Best Work really hit home.  As entrepreneurs, it’s not like we’re short on creative ideas. (If anything, we always have too many.) But it’s the process of starting—and then actually finishing—that trips us up. Your best work is the work that scares you, requires you to shamelessly show up, and is easily distracted by other stuff. Work through the thrash and stick it out. (You’ll be grateful you did.)

3. Your story matters.  Marsha Shandur, a peer and a brilliantly hilarious and insightful woman, is a pro at the art of storytelling. The one message that I’ve been hearing consistently in the past couple of years is that sharing stories strengthens ties.  It eliminates the distance between you and me. It’s not a surprise, but how many times have you shushed that aching voice inside of you? Let it out. Your story can help someone else gain a new perspective on their own life, or better yet, change their course forever.

4. Never stop learning.  I attended Rachel Gogos’ workshop on Essential Tech Tools and I love how she made it so simple for us technophobes. If I could, I would outsource all my tech needs, but there’s value in knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, if only so that I know I have that knowledge. I might not ever actually apply what I learned, but I’ll be able to problem solve if my VA disappeared tomorrow and I couldn’t find a new one. (Fingers crossed this never happens.) The moral of the story? Be curious and open to new information. You never know when you’ll need to tap into that wisdom.

5.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Derek Halpern, a genius at internet marketing strategy, delivered a keynote on how to build online courses.  His message was loud and clear:  Don’t take days and days to put something out there. Think less. Do it. Test it.  Build on it. In the midst of his talk, it dawned upon me that if I approach life that way, I could tease out all the crap I don’t really need.

Camp GLP wasn’t just about learning. It was about living. And as I stand here with my arms, heart and mind open wide, I can’t wait to see how you take charge of these tiny tweaks. After all, it’s the littlest alterations that can create the biggest, most beautiful change.

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