What Feminine Energy Prototypes Can Tell You About Your Inner Power

What Feminine Energy Prototypes Can Tell You About Your Inner Power

Aug 26, 2015

Energy is the be all, end all of ourselves. It’s the rush of the river that we wade into ankle-deep under the light of July’s blue moon. It’s the smell of the cinnamon that we sprinkle on our morning oats. And it’s the power that affects the delicately balanced ebb and flow of our lives here on earth.

Energy always surrounds us, but it’s the feminine energy that so desperately draws me in.

Having a strong cultural background rooted firmly in Hinduism and Indian mythology, I shouldn’t be surprised that re-exploring the intertwining vines of femininity is proving to be so wonderful. Growing up, I was always told to pray to the Gods and Goddesses, following the rituals but never really understanding what it all meant.

Needless to say, the Indian Goddesses have now grabbed my attention.  I’ve lived all my life praying to the Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati during our many Indian celebrations, and spent my spare time reading all about Kali, Durga, Sita, and Radha in the Amar Chitra Kathas (Indian comic books based on mythology, fables and folktales).

These comics were a pivotal part of my childhood and still continue to be popular with Indian kiddies because they give you a sense of being transported into the stories. The story I read repeatedly was about the Goddess Sita as she was being harassed by the demon king, Ravana, but then was heroically saved by the monkey god, Hanuman (who also happens to be my favourite god!)

Or the story about the elephant god was another one of my favourites.  Lord Ganesh, son of Goddess Parvati, lost his head while trying to protect his mother from his own father, Lord Shiva.

One thing’s for sure. There is a theme. The Indian Goddesses are painted as fierce, powerful and dominating in their own soft and subtle ways. They carry within them beauty, grace, peace and divinity.

There’s a strength in their femininity—the same femininity that has a home within all of us.  The question then becomes, is your feminine energy awake?

In her book Awakening Shakti, author Sally Kempton speaks of the transformative power of my childhood Goddesses.  Seeing them portrayed in such a stunning and beautiful light makes me feel slightly guilty that I’d brushed off the feminine guidance in my younger years, but as with all things, better late than never.

As I continue to foster the creative being within me, I’m starting to explore the world of arts with a sense of bravery and peace inspired by Goddess Saraswati. And truth be told? This new world is setting my dormant spirit alight.

By envisioning her during my morning meditations, I’m allowing myself a day filled with all the goodness I want most.

All that said, let’s find your Goddess by going through the feminine energy prototypes. (Just select the one that feels best to you.)

  • Sita | Earth goddess, dedication, self sacrifice, faithful, purity, courage
  • Parvati | Love, devotion, mother goddess
  • Saraswati | Arts, creativity, knowledge, wisdom, learning, language/speech
  • Kali | Fierce, change, empowerment, destruction
  • Lakshmi | Prosperity, wealth, beauty, generosity, charm, grace
  • Radha | Devotion/true devotee, beauty

Fascinating, right? I’m willing to bet you’re surprised at which Goddess captured your essence most. (I must admit, there are days when Kali seems more than a little appealing.)

With feminine energy on the rise, give yourself permission to ignite your inner light. Because when those sparks start to sizzle? Your life comes alive.

Before you go about your beautiful day, tell me in the comments—which Goddess resonated most with your soul? I can’t wait to see which sang to you.

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