What If……

Oct 01, 2017

What if you took that next scary game changer step towards a life of your dreams? What if you trusted the universe blindly and jumped in? What if you stayed exactly where you are? What if you didn’t have to worry about anyone else but you? What if this life you’re living isn’t good enough?

Camp GLP is one of my favourite places in the world to hang and jam with 400 beautiful souls in the most serene setting in upstate New York. And when I say beautiful, that’s very much an understatement. If you’ve never been to Camp GLP, then you’re missing out. I always come out of that space feeling inspired to create change and to contribute towards a better world – it’s the best feeling ever. Vitality and Connection are the pillars of this experience.

This year at camp, the theme became “What If”. The beauty of this phrase is that it sparks conversations and curiosity and opens up the mind to possibilities. Possibilities are at the core of every dream and every hope.

At every nook and corner of this camp, from the coffee line up at the cafeteria in the wee hours of the morning to the late night dance parties, you can fully expect to dive deep into rich conversations with other campers. It helps that the container of Camp GLP not only supports this but is also the driving force behind collaborations –bearing witness to each other’s dreams is what we do best there. Seriously? When you have that level of unwavering support, anything is possible. You can’t help but trust that what you have to offer will be nothing short of incredible. Sharing our dreams with each other added an element of realness to them. Our dreams no longer felt silly or pointless. In fact, they felt quite the opposite. Anything is possible. That’s a change-maker’s mindset.

And you know how I always harp that there are no coincidences in life, just synchronicities? Well so. Along the lines of dreaming big AND believing in them (can’t forget the latter), enters the FIVE minute journal. I don’t say this about too many products but this mighty little thing has changed my world ever since I started using it a few weeks ago. The lens through which I maneuver my days are now laced with endless opportunities and possibilities, and more importantly, they are heading my way. There is so much power in the practice of gratitude but this journal kicks it up a notch.

In using the FIVE minute journal, it’s become quite clear to me that my “What Ifs” have slowly but surely turned into “Why Nots”? By simply declaring my intentions and affirmations for the day ahead, I’ve set myself up for success and the proof is in the writings. When I scroll back in my journal, I’m blown away by the truths- most of the intentions that I had set for my day actually transpired. Whoa right?!

Imagine leading your days with What Ifs? And take that a step further. What if (there it is again) you realize that the secret sauce to anything you do in life is actually pretty simple and life doesn’t have to be as hard and as complicated we all make it out to be? It’s really does have a lot to do with mindset. When I reach for my FIVE minute journal (which now travels with me everywhere and is as essential as my morning coffee), I know that I am rewiring my brain (there is neuroscience behind this peeps!).

I joke with my friends that even if you aren’t a “journaler” (if that’s even a word!), you’ll become one with the easy to use format laid out for you in the FIVE minute journal. It literally holds your hand through the entire process. I’ve been gifting it like crazy because I love when people light up in awe and delight in their “aha” moments- and there is plenty of that when you engage in gratitudes and intentions. 

So in the spirit of this teaching, I want to circle back to how we started.

What if you gave yourself the permission to say your dreams out loud? What could you breathe life into? And what if you could start each day with contagious optimism and in turn, spread that goodness a thousand times over?

It’s yours for the taking.


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