This is an invitation

You’re tired of conversations that are go nowhere and leave you feeling drained. You’re looking to feel lit up from others who are lit up. You want to promote wellness for your loved ones and communities. 

You just know that bringing people together for a fun yet meaningful gathering will deepen your connections with your friends, peers, colleagues, students, or family members.

Circles of Connection are designed to increase collective and personal growth in communities.

It’s where we can experience the joy of connecting, sharing, and being ourselves. Instead of chatting aimlessly over overpriced meals and cocktails, you’ll have an immersive experience that evokes the senses and reveals powerful insights. The end result? The deep satisfaction of  hanging out with nothing drained and everything gained.

Experience a Circle of Connection

Circles of Connection create sacred spaces for deep-hearted stories and soul-shifting compassion. They are gatherings to ignite our truth and connect to our intuition. A place to breathe, explore, laugh, and discover.

Come In

Circles of Connection are for everyone. They are based on principles of experiential learning and the power of rituals to connect us with ourselves and to each other. Together, we will…

...create a new reality.

How Circles of Connection Work

You and I will work together to plan an intentional Circle of Connection, uniquely designed for you and your guests.

We’ll gather together for an intentional two hour experience that includes purposeful writing, visualizations, storytelling, and more.

We’ll explore themes like self compassion, gratitude, vulnerability, engagement and meaning, creativity, core values, resilience and grit. I’ll help facilitate the circle, so that you can sit back and savour the experience.

By the time everyone leaves, vibes will be high and you’ll walk away with a renewed commitment to yourself and to your community.

Circles of Connection are based on the principles of positive psychology and backed by research.

Our circles blend science-based exercises with traditional rituals. So your circle isn’t just a woo woo experience, but the beginning of a practice that works. Making this white space to connect with each other and know ourselves is how we awaken, feel full of life, and see all we can achieve. In times of adversity, this kind of self work and leaning in empowers us to not only overcome, but evolve and thrive in the face of challenge.


How long is a Circle of Connection?

Circles of Connection are typically designed to last 2-2.5 hours. However, depending on the specific needs of your guests, Circles of Connection can be as long as 3-4 hours.

Where do Circles of Connection take place?

Circles of Connection have taken place in homes, schools, offices/corporate events, retreats, and cottages.

Circles of Connections have also been a part of birthday parties for teens and tweens, dinner parties, and bridal and baby showers.

Circles of Connection are versatile and can be held almost anywhere!

How many people are able to attend a Circle of Connection?

To preserve the intimacy of the Circle, it is recommended that you limit the number of guests to 8-16 people.

How much does it cost to host a Circle of Connection?

Depending on the number of guests and the length of the Circle, costs range from $350-$600 per Circle. For a more detailed quote, fill out this form and I’ll be in touch!

Hosts are responsible for paying the booking fee up front, but we encourage you to request payment from your guests to cover their spot in the Circle.

How can I sign up?

I’m glad you asked! Get in touch with me here so we can design your perfect Circle of Connection.

Circles of Connection can include

Exploring themes like compassion, obstacles, and traditions through conversation
Sharing our stories
Discovering your morning ritual
Reading out loud to inspire and encourage one another
Expressing creativity through drawing, painting, or movement
Savouring life with good food and drinks

Host A Circle of Connection

Learn more about hosting a Circle of Connection
and the powerful things that can happen when we gather.


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