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Do you find that you’re often surfing the net for something to do and for people to meet?

But not just anyone or anything because let’s get real! You’d rather stay in your PJs and devour a take-out meal in front of Netflix than attend another networking event. What you’re looking for is a time-out for yourself but in a way that enriches your life.

What I’ve discovered through years of self exploration is that when you make space, are curious and lead with openness to deeply connect, the return is like no other.

My events are exactly that.  A place for you to come as you are and to leave feeling better.

Attend an Event.

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to lift yourself up and meet your kind of peeps, come join us at the next one.

Come In

Research is revealing that we are more stressed out now than we used to be.  Self care is no longer an option but a necessity.  Why not take advantage of events where you’ll not only absorb new information and learn from each other, but you’ll also walk away with heightened self awareness.

What we need now more than ever are events that will help us…

...replenish and restore.

Upcoming Events

Circle of Change: Grounding Rituals for Every Season

September 17, 2019

What if you could transition into the rhythms of the new season with ease and a grounding presence? What would it feel like to give your routines and habits meaning and intention?

It’s the way of rituals: to provide containers in which you can keep coming back to yourself in a world that’s constantly begging for all of you.

This workshop will help you create grounding rituals to manage the changing seasons with peace and presence.

Past Events

5 Simple Hacks to Prevent Burnout

July 11, 2019 | Hong Kong

In this workshop, you’ll learn why women are more prone to burnout than men, and the importance of self care as an investment towards your business and life. We will explore 5 simple hacks to prevent burnout so that you can return to building your business from a full tank instead of an empty one.

Presented as a breakout session at RISE Conference 2019.

Call in your Word of the Year

December 2018 | Oakville, Ontario (ACE Co-Working)

November 2017 | Toronto, Ontario (Make Lemonade)

Imagine attracting your best year with just ONE word? Participants of this event have experienced countless synchronicities, clarity and purpose, deep connection, transformation, and inspiration.  You’ll engage in a proven process to uncover your unique Word of the Year which will be your guiding compass for the upcoming year.  Instead of aimlessly navigating your way through life, your WORD will keep you laser focused for the year ahead while supporting you through the ups and downs that is life.

Shame Dulls your Style

August 2017 | Toronto (Anokhi Media, Thompson Hotel)

In the “This is my Style” event, hosted by Anokhi Media, Dimple shared her stories with the audience on how to break through secrecy, silence and stigma to shine.  After a decade of struggles and ultimately some rock bottom moments, Dimple realized that shame had held her back from liberation.  Through Connection, Compassion and Courage, Dimple developed Shame Resilience, her most powerful tool.

During my events, you will..

Experience a new way of learning through various forms of facilitation

Meet others who are able to hold space for you

Engage in interactions that are meaningful and result oriented

Find a good blend of science and spirituality mixed into the techniques

Have an opportunity to practice and reinforce new skills

Leave with takeaways (always!)

Definitely have fun and be inspired

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