Live Your Word

If you’re like me and many others, you’re definitely someone who loves calling in a word of the year.  I’ve spent the last few years doing exactly that and helping others do the same.  The result? We’re leading rich and fulfilling lives. There’s more.

After having facilitated many Call in Your Word workshops on an annual basis, I’m noticing that people are hungry for more.

How can we maximize the potential of our words and ensure that we stay motivated to bring our words alive not just today, but every day, for the rest of the year?

It’s time to Live Your Word.

The power of your word of the year can only be truly recognized through commitment and dedication. Regular engaged presence is key to unlocking your word’s energy.

I can help you do that in a simple and effective way. Enter this new way of life and make it work for you!

Come In

Imagine what it would feel like to give yourself a chance to slow down and to connect with your word on a regular basis? To speak to it as you would to a dear friend? To confide in it and to release? To brainstorm new ideas and get excited together?

This is exactly how I felt when I started to connect my word of the year in my acts of self care and during my morning rituals.  Not only did I keep my word at the forefront, I also started to experience synchronicities and fabulous opportunities.

It’s time to let your relationship with your word be…

...indulgent and nourishing.

Download the Live Your Word Journal

I’m so excited to unveil the Live Your Word journal. This journal is filled with monthly prompts of inspiration, reflection and action to bring your closer to your word in a rhythmic and purposeful manner. I want this journal to be a tender and precious gift you give yourself.

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