My Life In Words

Love, Audacity, Flow, Spirit, Command, Tend, Awe– my life in words over the course of a seven year period.

These words tell a story.  When I look back at all the ways my words have held me up in some of the most challenging of times while helping me find my way to peace, contentment, ease and beautiful moments, I’m blown away by the sheer magnificence of this practice.

Why do I love the practice of calling in a word?

Other than the fact that it’s fun, playful and transformative all at the same time, I love this practice for its’ simplicity, accessibility and how it brings humans together.  You don’t need any fancy tools to call in and live your word.  It doesn’t require that you spend a lot of time with it.  And it certainly doesn’t need you to show up – no matter what – to prove your worth.

The invitation with the practice of calling in a word is simply this: create space in your life to tap into the truest parts of yourself; cultivate connections with humans who will bet on you; recognize and honour your ancestry, lineage and lived experiences; and most of all, believe that you are worthy of your dreams simply because you exist.

I find solace in my word and lest I forget to connect with it, it reaches out as a dear friend who I haven’t seen in ages. My word has a tendency to seek me out and nudge me. It shows up when I least expect it but when I need it the most. It’s no stranger to synchronicities and I hope that this will also be your experience as soon as you’ve called in your word. 


When you trust your word to hold space for you, you trust yourself.

What I know is that my words have brought a liveliness to my life that I’ve never experienced before.  Not only do they light me up and inspire me to move forward, they also support me through the tough times.

I want to warmly invite you into this space.

Whether I’m facilitating Call in Your Word workshops or the Live Your Word Community, creating online programs or supporting you 1:1 on your unique word of the year, my desire in all of this is to hold space for you so that you can…

  • Explore a simple + accessible practice designed for intentional living
  • Carve out time for yourself to do meaningful work
  • Slow down + co-regulate your nervous system
  • Make your mental healthy a priority by allowing someone else to support you
  • Learn new tools and systems to ensure forward momentum with your desired life

With the right support, we can grow into our truth and find freedom in being ourselves.


I’m so excited for you to get started on your word quest and to share everything that I’ve learnt so far.

Ask me about my Online Programs, Workshops or Private Coaching.

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Let's Find Your Word

Personalized attention to help you call in a word that will be your ally and guide in the year ahead.


Let's Find Your Word

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are ~ Anais Nin

Your chosen word is a powerful lens through which you frame the world. It helps you stay connected to your deepest values as you move through your everyday life.

My mission is to help intentional, value oriented people use their words of the year as anchors to guide them purposefully towards their desires and create consistent forward movement.

Private Coaching is for you if…

  • You want to call in your own unique word to be your guide and ally in this chaotic world of ours
  • You feel tired of going through the motions, and need a boost of energy and vitality
  • You need clarity and direction in your day to day life
  • You want to slow down and explore stillness to enrich your life
  • You’re tired of the grind and are longing efficiency (work smarter, not harder)
  • You long to bring meaning and intention into everything you do

There is a better way.

Get a FREE 20 minute coaching call with me. Let's talk about your specific needs and see what kind of support will serve you best.



Ready to Start?

Let's have a conversation about what kind of word will best support you during this stage of your life and motivate you to consistently show up in a way that is aligned with your purpose and values.

Once we have a clearer direction and a word (yay!), together we'll create a powerful vision for your life.



The Live Your Word Community

A container where you can be exactly who you are to grow with your word in the safety of a rich community to support you along the way.


The Live Your Word Community

Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard & valued; when they can give & receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance & strength from the relationship ~ Brene Brown

What I’ve learnt in 2020 is that connections are essential to personal and collective growth.  Who you surround yourself with has a strong impact on how you move forward in your life.

The Live Your Word Community is a curated community with a purpose.  The purpose of this community is to provide you with dedicated time & space to connect and grow with your word in the company of others who also value this practice deeply.

In this community you will…

  • Engage in monthly live calls on a Sunday morning for forward momentum & accountability
  • Belong to a private community membership platform on Mighty Networks for ongoing connection
  • Be able to connect with me directly through 2 private coaching calls
  • Have access to new monthly content on Mighty Networks (Tarot spreads, Moon Cycle worksheets, Videos on the theme of the month, Audio Visualizations & more) to keep you inspired & motivated to live your word
  • Receive surprises & delights along the way

Research has shown that our lives are better if we engage in high quality connections.  In my experience, these connections aren’t often created organically.  I wish it was that easy but cultivating relationships that are meaningful requires attention and dedication.  And I want to make that part easy for you!

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More about Dimple…

I’m an Occupational Therapist with more than 25 years of experience, and a graduate of Queen’s University with additional certifications in Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) through The Flourishing Center. I have three insanely active sons and call Toronto, Canada home.

Harness the power of a single word to live a meaningful life.

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  • Learn more about yourself and your word ally to create a fulfilling life. Calling in and living your word is a thriving practice that is rooted in neuroscience to help you achieve your desired outcomes.  Let's get you started.

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